Hi, I’m Sean Cohmer. A Systems Administrator & Infosec Educator in Cincinnati, Ohio.

CTF Writeups

It is possible to learn a great deal about how technology works nowadays by using CTF (Capture the Flag) platforms online to emulate an actual infosec vulnerability and attack vector. I strongly believe, like many, that by engaging in ethical offensive security that we become much better at securing and defending vulnerabilities in our production-environment infrastructure.

As a way of documenting my experiences and progress in this world, I plan to post write-ups of the various CTF rooms that I complete here. I have referenced writeups while progressing, and some of the writeups are better than others. My aim is to be thorough enough that a moderately intelligent person with fundamental computer knowledge and capabilities can follow the thread with only the written guidance. To the extent that I fall short of those aims, please reach out to me via email and I’ll work to write clearly and deliberately to resolve the concern. (10-16-2022: Note that content below this message and on other pages are Theme-Demo and not yet my own)