About me
5956 Buckwheat Rd, Milford, OH 45150
Hello. I am a Career Tech Instructor and Computer Network Technician.



Sean Cohmer was born in St. Petersburg, Florida and raised in a rural town in southwest Ohio called Wilmington. At a young age, he became interested in Science and Technology, especially computers and artificial intelligence. During his high-school years, Sean became proficient in several programming, scripting, and markup languages with the intention to attend college for Computer Science. Coming from a poor background, Sean was forced to find an alternate route to pay for college. After high school, he enlisted in the United States Army as a Signal Corps paratrooper where he learned how to build, install, and maintain computer and telephone networks. He served eight years, finally becoming as Staff Sergeant and Presidential Console Controller while serving at the White House Communications Agency in Washington, DC. After the Army, Sean pursued an undergraduate degree in Biology at Arizona State University. It was there that he became interested in history and philosophy of science, technology, and medicine and for several years pursued a PhD in it. In 2019, Sean left the PhD program in History and Philosophy of Science at Arizona State University to pursue a full time role as a Career Tech instructor in Information Technology at Live Oaks in Milford, Ohio.



One of my hobbies is building performance gaming computers. Luckily, this aligns well with my professional interests. I also enjoy playing PC games, and live streaming them on Twitch. I live stream as a hobby only, but through this hobby I also have learned a great deal about modern video and audio production techniques. When I'm not messing around on computers or playing PC games, I like to go outside and hit the Miami Valley Bike trail on my road bike. I also enjoy pub trivia. When I'm relaxing on the weekends, I enjoy trying out new craft brew beer or sampling bourbon.



I was born in Florida. I was raised in Wilmington, Ohio. I graduated from Wilmington High School. I enlisted in the Military at age 18. I was a paratrooper, a network engineer, a Staff Sergeant, and eventually worked for the White House Communications Agency in Washington, DC. Professionally, I consider myself a Systems Engineer and an Educator. I am unmarried. I do not have children of my own. All of my siblings have children, so I have plenty of neices and nephews to spoil. I spent about 10 years of my life in Academia doing research at the intersection of the humanities and the sciences. I have extensive experience working with technology in education settings, and have coauthored research on remote learning practices in higher education that have broad implications for educators, generally.