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  • FTC sues to block NVIDIA's purchase of ARM December 2, 2021
    NVIDIA's plan to acquire ARM just hit a major stumbling block. The Federal Trade Commission has sued to block the merger over concerns the $40 billion deal would "stifle" competition for multiple technologies, including datacenters and car computers. ARM is a "critical input" that fosters competition between NVIDIA and rivals, the FTC said, and a […]
    Jon Fingas
  • Google may debut its own smartwatch in 2022 December 2, 2021
    Rumors of a Google-branded smartwatch have persisted for years, but they might be close to coming true. Insidersources claim Google is planning to release its first self-developed smartwatch, codenamed "Rohan," in 2022. The Wear OS device would be an eye-catching device with a round display, but no physical bezel — the Galaxy Watch 4 might […]
    Jon Fingas
  • SoundCloud's Playback compiles your favorite jams from 2021 December 2, 2021
    Now that everyone you know on social media has shared their Spotify Wrapped year-in-review, SoundCloud would like you to know it too has a chronicle of what you listened to over the last 11 months. Starting today, you can access “Your 2021 Playback.” It’s a personalized playlist that features your most-played tracks from 2021. Since […]
    Igor Bonifacic
  • Nissan uses AWD tech to keep JAXA's lunar lander from getting stuck December 2, 2021
    Nissan has unveiled the lunar lander prototype it has been working on with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). The automaker has been collaborating with the agency on driving controllability since January 2020.To help ensure the rover doesn't get stuck on the lunar surface, Nissan has employed a version of its e-4orce all-wheel control technology. […]
    Kris Holt
  • Polestar offers an early, camouflaged glimpse at its electric SUV December 2, 2021
    Polestar just offered a teaser of what might be its most important EV to date. The badge has provided its first good look (the last one was draped in a curtain) of the 3, its first SUV and its first US-made vehicle. The "premium" vehicle may be lightly disguised with QR code-like camouflage, but it […]
    Jon Fingas

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