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  • Ultra-white paint could reduce the need for air conditioning September 19, 2021
    White houses are often boring, but they might just save the planet. As USA Todayreports, Purdue University researchers have developed an ultra-white paint (it just earned a Guinness World Record) that reflects 98.1 percent of solar radiation while outputting infrared heat. As this leaves the surface cooler than the environment (regular paint warms the surface), […]
    Jon Fingas
  • NASA's chief scientist will retire in 2022 September 19, 2021
    NASA is about to close an important chapter in its history. Chief Scientist Jim Green, who has worked at the agency for over 40 years, now plans to retire in early 2022. He started by developing NASA's equivalent to the internet (the Space Physics Analysis Network) shortly after he arrived in 1980, but he's best […]
    Jon Fingas
  • US probe into Binance reportedly expands to investigate insider trading September 19, 2021
    Binance is apparently facing more pressure from regulators over possible abuses at its cryptocurrency exchange. Bloombergsources said US officials have expanded their probe of Binance to include possible insider trading and market manipulation. The company hasn't been accused of wrongdoing, but Commodity Futures Trading Commission investigators have reportedly inquired with potential witnesses about issues like […]
    Jon Fingas
  • NTSB head says Tesla must address 'basic safety issues' with semi-autonomous features September 19, 2021
    Tesla isn't about to get a sympathetic ear from US regulators as it rolls out more semi-autonomous technology. New National Transportation Safety Board head Jennifer Homendy told The Wall Street Journal in an interview that Tesla needs to tackle "basic safety issues" before it expands features like Autopilot and Full Self Driving to more parts […]
    Jon Fingas
  • Microsoft's Surface Pro 8 might include a 120Hz screen and Thunderbolt ports September 19, 2021
    Microsoft's September 22nd event might include one of the largest Surface Pro updates in years. According to The Verge, Twitter user Shadow_Leak has shared what looks like a store listing for the Surface Pro 8 tablet. The Windows 11 machine will reportedly resemble a souped-up, Intel-powered counterpart to the Surface Pro X with a 13-inch, […]
    Jon Fingas

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